Dierker on ‘Tolerance’

I’ve never heard of this guy, but I’m not from Missouri. I’m glad we have the St. Louis CofCC to point him out. He’s Judge Robert Dierker, who clearly knows what the American view of law and government is, aside from his support for the war on “terror” (how can you wage war on a tactic?).

From the description on Random House Books, his book, The Tyranny of Tolerance, sounds superb:

For the first time, a sitting judge blows the whistle on America’s out-of-control courts.

A judge for more than twenty years, Robert Dierker has enjoyed a distinguished legal career. But now that career may be on the line. Why? Because he is breaking the code of silence that has long kept judges from speaking out to present a withering account of how radical liberals run roughshod over the Constitution, waging war on the laws of nature, the laws of reason, and the law of God.

Even those outraged by America’s courts will be shocked by Judge Dierker’s story of activist judges, deep-pocketed special interest groups, pandering politicians, and others who claim to stand for tolerance, equal rights, and social justice, but actually stand for something quite different—something closer to totalitarianism.

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God Hates Illegal Immigration

Get this from WorldNetDaily:

[…] [M]ore of their fellow citizens – men, women and children – were murdered this year by illegal aliens than the combined death toll of U.S. troops in Iraq and Afghanistan since those military campaigns began.

The article also reveals that illegal immigrants murder 12 Americans every day.

Think God’s trying to tell us something? I think so. Illegal immigrants are violating the Laws of God when they rebel against the governing authority (1 Peter 2:13-14). The governing authority is sowing their own seeds of destruction by tolerating it, and Galatians 6:7 says that it will suffer on Judgment Day the lawlessness that it sowed..

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Gay marriage: Neither the Democrats nor the Republicans have it right

Blogger jesterballz recently posted a piece about his pro-gay marriage views entitled “Gay Marriage: Why do straight people care?“.  I found the post unconvincing, so I commented a response in the form of a letter. As a long letter, I think it would be appropriate to replicate here:

Dear jesterballz,

It is clear that you have never been exposed to a true Christian. There are no neoconservative Christians. (Neoconservatives are people like Bush, Cheney, and just about anyone else who supports their regime.)

Your research into the opposite side has proven insufficient, due first to your fallacious reasoning against it, and due second to your having researched in the wrong place.

Your arguments are fallacious because they contain two prejudices, prejudices which allowed me to determine that you’ve never met (or seen) a Christian:

1. Your assertion that I hate gays and don’t want them saved. Why wouldn’t I want to help a homosexual repent of his sin and go to Heaven with me? Who are you to accuse me of hate? If Jesus were to hate anything, which He does not, then He would hate hate.

2. Your assertion that I am afraid of being gay. Have you met me? Do you know for sure that I am afraid of being gay? Where’s your proof? How is this mere prejudicial remark a valid argument for gay marriage?

Is it not hypocritical to write a post that attempts to refute prejudiced people, when in fact your post is just as prejudiced?

Now, there is only one completely valid, irrefutable reason not to allow gay marriage, and this argument is recyclable for many other issues: God did not grant civil government jurisdiction over marriage. Legislation should neither legalize nor illegalize gay marriage, as all such legislation is void in the eyes of God.

Since the State has no jurisdiction over the affairs of marriage, it does not have a right to give heterosexual couples special benefits any more than it does to give homosexual couples special marriage benefits. If you want to get married to a woman, grab a minister, two witnesses, and a Bible and go into a Church and get married. If you want to get married to a man, grab two witnesses and a “minister” and do what the heterosexual couples do (the reading, the tears, the ring, the Man may now kiss the Other Man, etc.). This marriage will not be valid before God, but if you’re gay, do you care?

I advise all couples, heterosexual and homosexual, not to let the State act as a god and make marriage a government institution. Such leads to the tyranny that manifests the Democrats and Republicans’ agendas, creating the marriage debate that we have today.

The Crown Rights Patriot

For more commentary on not letting the State act as a god in affairs of marriage, please read:

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New Jersey Court Fallaciously Arrogates Power to Endow Rights

The New Jersey courts just released their 4-3 decision that same-sex couples who have gotten “married” have the same rights as real couples.

The State has no business interfering in matters of marriage.  Marriage is between the bride, the groom, and God.  The ridiculous, unconstitutional healthcare benefits that come with marriage should simply be abolished.  In such an ideal world, the gay marriage debate wouldn’t matter because no one would be after the welfare of the State.

Also, the courts do not make law.  They have no right to tell same-sex “couples” that they any certain rights.  Rights come from God.

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